About Veronica Omoniyi

My name is Veronica Omoniyi Ogochukwu Shokoya. A Unisex high street ready-to-wear knitwear designer and creative director of Floyd cardigan collection which has been around officially for two years. I was born on the 22nd of December 1992 into a family of 4, the second girl out of two. I spent my childhood days in Lagos State where I would learn to speak Yoruba.

School Days

I finished from St. Bernadette nursery and primary school, I then went on to The Nigerian navy secondary school Ojo, where I had my secondary school education. I Later proceeded to the university of Lagos, Akoka where I studied theatre arts. My love for art and entertainment has made me a lady with a vision, ready to impact positively into people’s life.

Life After School

I started cardigan production February 2016, before then my intention was to get a good job and be paid well after service. I also asked myself a question. What if I don’t get a good job what else? It became so hard for me to answer so i spoke to myself saying i must learn unlearn and relearn.

Taking up responsibilities requires challenges and I was ready to overcome them. As a self-employed individual, you have to draw a plan and project the future. As a lover of fashion I intend to delve into fashion design, art and entertainment. That has always been my goal and aspiration.

And that’s how I started…

Cardigan production has made me realize so many things and has exposed me to the world. When I started, my thought was to knit for primary and secondary schools but with time I had to share my ideas and I thought of knitting for every individual. Cardigans are worth having in our wardrobe, Within the space of two months, I had been able to knit sweaters, socks, turtle necks, head warmers, chokers etc.

With time I was able to knit for ladies, knitting off shoulder dresses, bikini, arms wear etc. and it came out well. My plans for the future is to impact into peoples life’s and tell them that they can achieve better and to build a platform where people will be able to tell their own stories about cardigan production.

Making it Big

I want to take my business worldwide I see my customers as my identity because they make me feel proud of what I am doing. In less than a year, I have been able to appreciate my work because it has taken me far and wide, within and outside the country. My first contract was in Abuja where I knitted for a school, JESSEVILLE ACADEMY. My work was also showcased in the just concluded 2016 South Africa, men’s fashion week. I have been able to meet top designers like MaiAtafo, Ituen Basi.

Pictures from Veronica’s collaboration with Mai Atafo

Veronica Omoniyi of Floyd cardigan collection X Mai Atafo

Veronica Omoniyi of Floyd cardigan collection X Mai Atafo

Veronica Omoniyi of Floyd cardigan collection X Mai Atafo

Veronica Omoniyi of Floyd cardigan collection X Mai Atafo

  • John May 31, 2017 at 9:51 AM

    I got some cardigans from Floyd Collection and I must say they are serving me very well. Perfect combination of style and comfort while still shielding from the cold of my office and outdoor.