A look into the Nigeria fashion industry from recent years till date reflects need for growth in different facets. Fashion has been defined as a current or constantly changing trend, favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons.

Fashion is driven by creativity, desire and aspiration. Consumers want to buy unique items that are expressive, personal to them and reflect their taste and status in the society. Fashion designers and buyers have to provide clothes that meet these ever changing needs. Also, they define and reflect trends.

Trend forecasting influences the colours, the styles and textures that is abundant in stores. However, if even the slightest hue or shade of colour or style fails to match consumers’ tastes, then these items will not sell. So, it is challenging to predict and order volumes of clothes way in advance of when they are likely to appear in store.

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Technology drives innovation in textiles and is a dynamic force in fashion.
Fashion curators or designers should then be ;
1. Creative: this involves the use of skills and imagination to produce new products or work of art. Many creative works are products of some peoples imagination, thinking and what the mindset
Speaks out.

2. Hardworking: putting a lot of effort into the job to get arts and creative works done to perfection. Time is a factor that would be needed to pay attention to the job.

3. Honest: giving a fair and unbiased illustration or account of events or shapes in art and creative work honesty is required to make belief of a job well done

4. Precision: The quality of being exact is required of products and creative works ofart, accurate and been careful in selection, usage of needed materials at every stages to get quality output and result and the ability of measurement to be reproduced consistently.

My lecturer in textile and marketing class once said that identity is the sole key to making a successful fashion brand. Truly many fashion brands have not yet identified themselves and there is need for such to be done and once more Nigeria can be seen as the new hub for African fashion thereby leading so revolution in many aspect of the society.