This season is for love, Make your Valentine Blue, Love like Never before, appreciate your loved one

Humans were created with the unsurpassed need to love and want love in return. Love keeps us and everyone around in check and provides the ultimate hope of reconnaissance of the unknown. Deep down in our hearts we all just want to be loved and not give it back like it was given unto us, a vivid expression of our imperfect state.

How much does your love really cost? She asked him in a deliberately impassive manner. His reply was clouded with every feeling of pride his small heart could afford “My Love is priceless because I love everyone the same, old or young, beauty or the beast…I have never loved anyone more or less” I am not everyone, I am your lover she added…you can’t love everyone the same you are not God! He believed her this time.

“Love is my way of life and Valentine is just a festival of love celebrated to appease the one you love…I bought you a gift, made the bed spreading red, littered rose petals all over the room and I had the red candles burning… what more do you want from me? “ Then appease me my darling! Love me like never before …she demanded.

He praised and prayed with love songs and poems before going for her lips, he kissed like never before. With his emotions running high almost to a climax he confessed “I have never loved anyone like this… I love you specially and that’s how you make me feel – special… I bought you a gift my dear” she told him to open it and behold it was a blue diamond ring! He knelt before her and begged that she married him.

blue diamond ring for valentine

How much do you love your man or woman? Equality in the matters of love is impossible as no matter how hard we try we always fail to return love like it was given unto us. In this valentine season love that special person like never before.

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