V.A: What inspired you to be a model?
What inspired me to be a model was the art behind everything regarding the modeling industry the beauty in which how models portray clothes and things… it’s simply amazing.

V.A: What would be your dream shoot or campaign?
This would be to work with Adidas, shooting a campaign with them would be a dream come true.

V.A: How Would you describe your personal style?
Hmmm I’d say it should have a touch of Lenny Kravitz to it and a bit of me including some GQ referencing to keep it up to date.

V.A: How do you deal with frustrations that come with modelling?
I would normally go to the gym or go cycling which is quite therapeutic, sometimes even I try cleaning the house – only if it’s dirty but frankly speaking I deal with my frustrations by choosing something productive that will get my mind off things and make me a better person.

V.A: Is modelling and easy job or more difficult than people think it is?
More difficult I guess, nothing in life is easy, if it were easy then anyone could have what they wished for. It’s a unique job and only a hand full of people fit the criteria that’s why I say it’s never easy you could even be snubbed by industry folks even though you have a selling look.

V.A: What is the best and worst thing about being a model?
The best would be experiencing every single journey that comes with playing the role of a model. The worst would be not booking jobs yet you frequently attend castings.

V.A: Five things I can’t live without?
God, family, productivity, love and vision.