If you’re finding yourself a little overheated nowadays, at the office, market place or in the club, excessive sweating which may lead to the melting of your makeup is such an undesired incident for every woman.
Whatever may cause the excess sweating, it can be very embarrassing…Hooofs! 🙁

In a recent post about the best foundation for your skin, We highlighted the various types of foundations and how they can be best applied. But I must confess, knowing how to apply foundation correctly may not stop it from melting.

Recently, I have come across women who suffer from this problem and in most cases, I have offered tips that might be a good fix to broken makeup. It’s important you check your face in a mirror every now and then but we all lose our guards sometimes and the worst could happen.

If the makeup is broken…what can a woman do? … Well, there are a lot she could do in this situation to cushion the effect of excessive sweat on her face. My first advice would be Flee! LOL 🙂 I mean find air or leave the hot environment you were for a cool one.

broken makeup

Awwn, we know how it feels

Below are ways to prevent your makeup from melting 🙂

Avoid heavy foundations.
Heavy, full coverage foundations are more likely to melt and slip on hot, sweaty skin. In the warmer months or when you’re going partying or clubbing, switch it up to a lighter product that is oil-free and won’t be heavy on your skin.


Go water resistant.
Mascara that’s water resistant or waterproof is better able to withstand summer sweating. Liquid eyeliners also last longer than pencils when your lids are moist. While both waterproof and water-resistant mascara formulations are made to withstand moisture, the difference lies in the degree of resistance.


Avoid dark colors. If you’re going to be out in the sun, stay away from smoky eyes, dark blushes, and the like. These are a bit harsh in the bright summer sun, and are also more likely to be noticeable if they drip or smudge. Look for softer colors, particularly for the eyes.

Use the Wet lip look. Steer clear of potential for runny lip color by embracing the “sweaty” lip look—easy enough! The wet lip look gives your lips some moist and fluidity and cleans off without traces unlike most color lip products.

nude lippy