This article contains some essential tools required to set up a simple E-commerce shop, at Fashion Online Nigeria we offer real time solutions for your business. It is our greatest delight to see your fashion business grow.

As the trends go up, more Nigerian business are gradually shifting their businesses online and customers are starting to buy online as an alternative to buying locally . E-commerce outlets have been the major source of online buying as items bought are either paid for online or paid on delivery at the buyer’s doorstep.

How as the eCommerce trend helped fashion businesses?

The Nigerian fashion industry has never been really organized as gaps between the manufacturers, retailers and customers become ever larger with potential customers failing to accept some of these brands as genuine and would prefer to take their money abroad. E-commerce has being able to close these gaps bringing in close contact major stakeholders in the Nigerian fashion industry.

A Nigerian fashion label who owns a particular line of clothing it wants to sell out to a larger base of customers who do not have time to go into boutiques might therefore set up an online shop and promote it to ensure customers are directed there. Most fashion houses may not be able to self sufficiently produce most of their wares themselves, therefore outsourcing the job to manufacturers is the next option, and a market chain is gradually formed.
Setting up an E-commerce platform is very easy but requires dedication and understanding of the platform being used.

There are some needed requirements such as;

1. A functional website: a functional website with a catchy domain name hosted on a very reliable server is pivotal towards developing an online shop. The website should have a very large bandwidth and disk size usually above 30GB. It is also important that the website caches very fast thereby increasing its download speed and improving user experience especially on mobile devices. You can try if you are small scale business.


2. An E-commerce client or Platform: the e-commerce client or platform allows you to create your own shop on their already existing platform instead of building yours from the scratch. It is easy to create instead of building yours from the scratch, examples of these platforms are Woocommerce by WordPress, open cart, shopify… An eCommerce platform available to Nigerian businesses who want an online shop is,

Openshopen allows you to create your own custom ecommerce shop using their platform and they provide you with a unique domain name ( It is very easy to create and the offer a 30 days trial period. You can however use other platforms like woo commerce to create fantastic online shops.

3. A Payment Gateway: an eCommerce payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card payment and processes them securely with a user merchant account. Payment gateway and merchant account might be set up in one process or offered by the same company. Here are some tips to keep to, while figuring out which payment gateway you can use;
• If the payment gateway requires you to go through a sign up process, please avoid it.
• Look out for payment gateway that comes with multiple currency support so customers outside Nigeria can buy from you.

As a rule of thumb, always use secure and easy to set up payment systems, I generally recommend PayPal to clients because PayPal offers both a merchant account and a payment gateway more like a 2 in 1 solution. PayPal charges 3.4%+0.30 USD anytime someone buys from your shop. Payment services available in Nigeria include GT pay, First bank and Vogue pay, Konga pay among others.


4. Shipping: if your eCommerce business or online shop is new you should pay attention to your shipping options because it might determine if a customer proceeds to buy or abandon your website for another making you’re your bounce rate high but with little conversions and sales. Sales and conversions are what make a business grow.

As a starter I will recommend that you offer free shipping especially in Nigeria where most of your customers will opt in for the pay on delivery. Free shipping is usually just for domestic orders and is a sure-fire way to get your customer’s attention. However it might cost you because you will have to cover for the shipping cost which will cut into your profit, you can buffer this effect by slightly increasing your prices to cover up.

Setting up Pick-Up centers might also work out in reducing cost because the customer picks up his package at the center and you don’t have to deliver it to his doorstep.

free shipping

These are just the essentials required to set up a simple E-commerce shop, at Fashion Online Nigeria we offer real time solutions to your business needs. It is our greatest delight to see your fashion business grow.