For a woman, her hair is a valuable asset. It’s not only a part of her, well, body but an important element of her image. Hair trends change from time to time but no matter what is trendy now, the most important thing about your hair is health. Beautiful hair is the healthily-looking hair. Basically, there are five issues your hair suffers from.

1. Yellow tones in dyed blonde hair.
In order to prevent the unwanted yellow tone on your perfect blonde hair, you need to start using special hair-care products containing a violet pigment 2 weeks after dyeing – it neutralizes yellowish color. Apart from it, use shampoos for fair hair as they are designed to keep its natural radiance and to ensure proper nourishment. Men who date ladies online admit that yellow blonde hair is not attractive at all.

2. Bushy hair.
Unruly and electrified hair means that you probably use very high temperatures while drying or straightening your hair. If your hair is prone to fuzziness, it lacks moisture. To make up a deficiency, apply a moisturizing mask several times a week. Don’t brush your hair right after washing it, wait until it dries a bit. Use a wooden comb with thin spaced teeth. Before using a hair straightener or curling iron, protect your locks applying some thermal spray.

3. Dry and brittle hair.
Apart from external factors, such as aggressive environment, abuse of hot styling tools and the inappropriate hair products, the loss of flexibility can be caused by internal issues, such as dehydration or poor diet. Eat more vegetables and dairy products to nourish your body from within. Such microelements as magnesium, calcium, zink, and selenium are necessary for the normal functioning of hair bulbs.

4. Dry scalp and dandruff.
Possible causes of dry scalp and flakes can be hormonal imbalances, stress, frequent washing of hair, dyeing, and heat styling. Dandruff can be caused by the imbalance of scalp bacteria. So, in order to treat dandruff, you need to use products that restore the scalp microbiome.

5. Dyed hair fades quickly.
If you take a good care of your dyed hair, it will shine bright up to 40 days. Hair becomes very sensitive, so it needs special treatment. You should use those products that strengthen the dyed locks and restore their structure protecting the hair from negative external factors and making the color last longer.

Hair care tips

Choose the right type of shampoo. It’s important to choose the right products for your hair care routine. Your choice should depend not only on your hair type but also on the climate of the area you live in. For example, the humidity dries out your hair, and low temperatures make it thin. Use conditioners to neutralize the aggressive influence of shampoo.

Comb and style carefully. Comb your dried hair from the bottom up, lock after lock. Wooden combs are recommended as they prevent hair static. Modern hair dryers and hair styling tools minimize the harmful effects of heat but using heat protection sprays is a must.

Eat healthily.
The state of your skin and hair directly depends on a healthy nutrition. Make sure you supply your organism with fruit, vegetables, nuts, greenery, and cereals. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, are extremely important for healthy skin and hair.

Pay attention to the ingredients of your hair products.
Products for different hair types have different ingredients. However, there are certain components that are universally beneficial. Those are argan and almond oils. The products containing keratin and nourishing oils and vitamins restore the hair structure. Silicone can have a wow effect, but it makes your hair weak and thin with time.